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How to Perform a Driver License Name Change in Indiana

Indiana drivers license name change procedures are necessary when you have a name change recognized by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Complete the process to change name on driving license as soon as you can to avoid having inaccurate information on your drivers license card. A DMV name change can only be processed after your name has been legally changed. Motorists must carry a valid license at all times while driving. There are several reasons to process a change of name on driving license credentials and you should be aware of all the approved reasons before applying.

Steps to Take Before Completing Drivers License Name Change in Indiana

Before you begin the process of changing your name on driving license cards, you should learn how to submit a legal name change with the Social Security Administration. Before you can learn how to change name on drivers license credentials you should assess if your name change will be recognized by law. The Social Security Administration requires that you update your Social Security documents when your name changes due to events such as marriage.

You must complete this name change process at a physical Social Security office in your area or mail the information to the administration. You must present information that verifies your identity and authenticates your need for a name change. However, all documentation that verifies your identity and name change on DL request must be original or certified. No photocopies will be accepted at the Social Security Administration. When you want to process your application for DMV name change, you can submit certified copies of your documents to avoid sending originals.

A certified copy of a document is marked as authentic by the agency that issued the original. This means that Indiana name change on drivers license processes should be completed by mail cautiously, as the risk of theft may increase when sending original and certified copies of documents through the mail.

How to Apply for a Drivers License Name Change in Indiana in Person

Change your name on Indiana driver license documents at an approved Bureau of Motor Vehicles. An IN DMV name change must be completed in person to verify identity. This process helps to prevent fraud and ensure that name changes are only completed in accordance with federal law. When you visit the BMV, you must bring your updated Social Security card as well any document that verifies your new name.

How to Change Name on Drivers License in Indiana Online

You cannot complete the IndianaBMV name change process online. However, you can make an appointment online before you visit a branch location to save time. You can schedule an appointment online for a drivers license name change between two days and two weeks before you plan to visit to avoid long lines and extended wait times.

When to Complete an Indiana Drivers License Name Change Application

Changing your name on driving license in Indiana is necessary in a variety of circumstances. Depending on your situation you may need to amend several items such as your name, gender and birth date. Citizens must present their amended Social Security card, birth certificate or both. Whereas those who are legal residents must provide proof of the validity of a DMV name change in the form of their immigration paperwork.

Marriage is an instance where a legal name change may be required. If you choose to change your last name after getting married, you must complete the official name change on DL in Indiana using your marriage certificate or Social Security card. You may need to provide both documents.

If you are legally divorced, you can process a change of name on driving license to return to your original last name. You can also adopt a new last name if the new name has been legally recognized by the Social Security Administration. You must provide the official order of divorce to process your application.

Please note: If you do not change your name on your driver's license in Indiana, you are at risk of not being able to renew your registration or access your driving records.

How long do I have to complete my change of name on driving license in Indiana?

You must complete the IN drivers license name change process within 30 days of your name change. If you are looking to complete a name change on drivers license, this should be done shortly after your name change is legally recognized. After visiting the Social Security Administration, you must wait one business day before beginning the DMV name change process.

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