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How to Obtain an ID Card in Indiana

Residents have Indiana ID card credentials that meet federal REAL ID requirements when applying for any other new BMV credentials including driver’s permits, IDs and commercial driver’s licenses. A REAL DMV ID card cannot be obtained online as applicants must present proof of identification in person. If you are a current resident, you can choose not to obtain a REAL ID. However, in the next four years, REAL ID card information will be required to board a plane and in other official capacities. ID card online processing is available for residents who hold valid identification cards with accurate information.

Who is eligible to apply for an Indiana ID card?

Residents can apply for identification cards online in Indiana if they are U.S. citizens and have not changed their address, name or other identifying information. Residents who have made changes to this information must apply in person for an ID card at a local BMV office.

You must apply for a REAL ID card in Indiana if you are a U.S. resident. A REAL DMV ID card application requires you to present documentation that proves your legal status, identity and residency. Documents that can be used to prove identity for U.S. residents include a foreign passport along with a valid U.S. visa. Additionally, your certificate of citizenship, permanent resident card or employment authorization document can be used to verify legal status and identity. To apply for ID card documents as a resident, you must complete the process in person.

How to Apply for ID Cards in Indiana

You can apply for a new ID card in several ways. If you are a current resident, you can apply for your card online. However, to process your Indiana online ID card application, you must meet established criteria. If you do not meet citizenship requirements or have changed your personal information, you must apply in person to receive your document. You cannot apply for a new ID card if you have a current driver's license.

Some residents can apply for DMV ID cards that are exempt from photo identification. To qualify for this exemption, you must have a religious objection that can be verified by a religious authority in your faith.

Active duty U.S. military members can apply for ID card information that includes a military designation on their ID card. To be eligible to include this designation on your new ID card, you must apply in person with your military-issued identification.

Veterans can include a designation on their ID card if they can provide proof of honorable discharge. Veterans can also place medical conditions such as disability on their DMV ID cards if they choose. However, there is no law that governs the disclosure of medical information on Indiana identification.

If you choose to place medical information on your Indiana state ID, you are responsible for updating this information when necessary. When renewing or replacing your ID, you do not have to provide proof of changes to your condition.

How to Renew ID Cards in Indiana

Renew ID cards if your ID has expired or your information has changed. You can renew ID card online if your information has not changed. If your gender differs from what is provided on your legal status documents, you must provide verification for this change in the form of a court order. After completing your information update with the Social Security Administration, you can apply to update your Indiana identification. You will receive a new ID card with your updated information by mail. You must renew your IN ID every six years.

You must renew your ID card in person, if you have a seat belt exemption on your driving record. Only a licensed physician can provide you with a statement verifying your exemption from wearing a seat belt due to a medical condition.

Additionally, if you are a temporary lawful citizen, you must present your authorization documents in person to obtain an official ID.

How to Replace ID cards in Indiana

Indiana lost ID card information can be replaced online if it is still valid. If your ID card information is stolen, you should report this theft to the police before applying for a replacement. Identification cards can be used to commit fraud that require you to provide evidence of the theft to avoid legal action against you. When replacing your ID, you can choose to get a REAL ID or a standard ID. Indiana encouraged residents to choose a REAL ID replacement as these IDs meet federal standards.

ID card replacement is necessary if you are a resident of the state, as a state ID is required to process most federal and state benefits, apply for employment and travel by plane.

If you find that the information on your valid Indiana identification card is misspelled, you must amend this credential to reflect the correct information. Bring your identifying information proving the proper spelling. However, if you are a U.S. citizen and your Social Security card or birth certificate reflects a misspelling or an error, you must correct this with the Social Security Administration before you replace ID card with the Indiana BMV.

Legal residents must use their immigration paperwork to apply for an ID in Indiana and to renew or replace the credential. If you find an error, the correct spelling of the information must be present on your immigration paperwork to change it. If you are married after receiving legal status, you can amend your identification card to reflect your new last name.

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