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How to Reinstate a Suspended Driver License in Indiana

Your Indiana suspended drivers license cannot be used to drive legally. You can receive a drivers license suspension for a variety of roadway offenses. For instance, if you allow your vehicle registration to lapse, you could be in danger of having your driving privileges suspended. Drivingwith a suspended license is a serious offense that can lead to additional suspension time or more serious repercussions. You can obtain a provisional drivers license to drive in special circumstances. You can reinstate drivers license privileges after your suspension period ends and by paying any associated fees or fines.

Reasons for Drivers License Suspension in Indiana

A revoked drivers license can be issued for a DUI conviction. A DUI is a serious violation of federal law that involves driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are found to be intoxicated while driving, you will experience drivers license suspension as well as other consequences. The length of your suspension depends on the nature of your DUI and whether or not the offense is your first of its kind. You can experience two separate Indiana drivers suspensions for a single DUI offense. When you are ticketed, your drivers license is apprehended on the scene. Additionally, when you are convicted, a drivers license revoked consequence is issued which could be a time period of three months to two years.

Reinstating drivers license is necessary after your license is suspended due to reckless driving. This conviction includes excessive lane changes, excessive speeding and other dangerous roadway activity. Drivers license reinstatement is only possible after your reckless driving fines are paid and suspension time served.

A suspension of your driver license is also possible if you do not carry valid insurance on your vehicle. If you are in an accident or stopped by a police officer, they will ask you to provide proof of insurance. You will receive an IN revoked drivers license until you can obtain valid car insurance.

Another common reason Indiana revokes drivers licenses is failure to pay fines or appear in court for traffic violations. If you are cited with a fine, you are provided with a time frame for paying this fine. If you do not pay within a reasonable amount of time, you can have your privileges revoked. Additionally, a drivers license suspension will be issued if you fail to appear in court for a traffic violation that requires your appearance. You can hire legal representation to avoid an appearance, however it is your responsibility to be aware of the requirements associated with your traffic violation.

When you commit a series of serious offenses, you are considered a habitual traffic violator. Your drivers license suspension time will depend on the severity of your violations and could result in long-term license suspension.

How to Reinstate Indiana Drivers License Privileges

Indianadrivers license restoration is possible after your drivers license suspension expires. You can check drivers license suspension expiration dates on your driving record. However, if you do not have a date you are eligible to reinstate drivers license privileges, you must satisfy all conditions of your suspension before you can apply to legally drive. Additionally, if your DL suspension is court-issued, then the DMV will only acknowledge reinstatement eligibility from the applicable court.

Once you determine that you can reinstate drivers license privileges, you can begin the process of gathering proof of insurance. You must satisfy all requirements for reinstating your car insurance before you can obtain your license. Drivers license restoration is only possible once you acquire insurance. Your insurance rates are higher after suspension, however, you must pay any fees associated with your insurance before applying to reinstate your license. Pay your revoked drivers license fees online, by mail or over the phone. After all penalties are paid, your license will be reinstated.

Please note: If you license expires during your IN drivers license suspension, you will need to complete the process to renew your license before you can drive legally.

What are the penalties for driving with a suspended license in Indiana?

If you are driving with a suspended license, you are at risk of acquiring additional penalties including more time on your suspension. Driving with a license suspension in Indiana is against the law and if you are stopped by the police and cannot present a valid license, you will receive a citation. This citation can include a court appearance, fines and additional suspension which could begin after your current suspension.

How to Apply for a Provisional Drivers License in Indiana During your Suspension

An IN provisional drivers license allows you to drive under special circumstances while your license is suspended. A conditional license is a provision that allows you to drive under court-approved restrictions. Approved reasons for receiving a restriction 5 designation include the necessity of driving to your place of employment or to educational institutions. You can receive permission to drive to and from work or school with this designation. You can drive with a suspended license only with prior approval of the court. Additionally, you must carry with you the official court order granting you the right to drive with a suspension. Restriction 5 must be approved by the court and filed with the DMV. Depending on the reason for your drivers license suspension, you can be required to undergo blood alcohol testing regularly.

When you are stopped by a police officer, you must be able to present a copy of your court order. Depending on the length of your suspension of driving privileges, you can be issued a valid license that includes the restriction 5 designation.

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