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How to Renew Drivers Licenses in Indiana

Drivers license renewal in Indiana is required of license holders in order for them to maintain their operating privileges after an original or current license has expired. Resident can renew drivers license credentials via a variety of methods provided by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Those methods include being able to renew drivers license cards online in many cases. However, there are certain requirements that residents must meet in order to be able to utilize the online renewal function. Continue reading for more information regarding how to renew drivers license credentials in Indiana.

When to Renew Drivers Licenses in Indiana

The length of time a motorist must go before renewing drivers license cards depends upon the age of the license holder at the time the previous license was issued. An IN drivers license renewal cycle is six years for drivers 74 years of age or younger, three years for drivers between 75 and 84 years of age and two years for drivers 85 years of age and older.

An expired drivers license in Indiana ceases its validity at midnight on the date of the driver’s birth. If the driver’s birth date falls on a day when the BMV is closed, then his or her driver’s license will expire at midnight on the next business day. Drivers with valid credentials may apply for drivers license renewal up to one year before the date of expiration.

Where to Renew Drivers Licenses in Indiana

Drivers license renewal online is an option for valid drivers license holders every other renewal cycle, provided they meet the necessary requirements. If online drivers license renewal is not an option, then the procedure must be handled in person. To renew IN drivers license cards in person, applicants must visit a BMV branch office.

Renewing Indiana Drivers Licenses in Person

Drivers license renewal is required in person for residents who fall into certain groups. For example, residents who completed an Indiana online drivers license renewal in their previous renewal cycle are not permitted to use this feature. Also, drivers 75 years of age and older are a group of motorists that must obtain a renewed license in person at a BMV location. Other groups renewing drivers licenses that must do so in person include those with six or more points on their driving record, drivers who must submit to a vision screening or knowledge test due to drivers license restrictions. Additionally, residents who have held an expired drivers license for longer than 180 days will be required to obtain a new drivers license in person.

Any drivers license bearing restrictions imposed by the DMV must be renewed in person. Such restrictions may apply in cases where:

  • The driver is photo exempt.
  • The driver is a habitual traffic offender.
  • The driver has a conditional license.
  • The driver has a temporary license.
  • The driver is seat belt exempt.
  • The driver has a noted medical condition.

How to Renew Drivers License Online in Indiana

Online drivers license renewal is available every other renewal cycle, for drivers who:

  • Are legal citizens of the United States and residents of Indiana.
  • Completed their previous drivers license renewal in person at a DMV branch.
  • Have not legally changed their name, address or other personal information since the time of their previous renewal.
  • Are not required to pass any examinations for renewal.
  • Have a previous drivers license photo on file with the DMV.
  • Are 21 years of age or older at the time of renewal.
  • Do not have active restrictions upon their drivers license.

An IN driving license renewal fee late charge will be applied as a penalty to any renewal application submitted after the license expiration date.

Drivers who renew a drivers license online must submit valid payment via debit or credit card at the time of renewal. Drivers renewing their drivers license in person may make payments in the branch office at the time of renewal.

Renewing an Indiana Drivers License While Out of State

Indiana online drivers license renewal is available for residents who are or will be outside of the state at the time of renewal, provided they meet the necessary requirements. In cases where renewing a drivers license online is not an option, applicants must file a Request for Interim/Extension License form. The applicant must download and print the document then mail it to the address listed on the form. The drivers license extension will be valid for up to 30 days after the drivers license expiration date, once approved.

Drivers License Renewal for Military Members

Indiana residents serving in the military who are or will be living out of state at the time of renewal as a result of active military service are eligible for an extension of their drivers license renewal deadline. Renewing an IN drivers license online is an available option for residents out of state on active duty, provided they meet the requirements. If online license renewal is not an option, the driver must print out a Military Extension Letter. When operating a motor vehicle while under a license extension, the driver must be in possession of the Military Extension Letter, proof of service in the Armed Forces and his or her most current drivers license.

Drivers licenses belonging to Indiana residents who are out of state as the result of military service will remain valid up 90 days following discharge from service. Following a drivers license renewal extension after a resident’s discharge from military service, he or she must apply for a drivers license at a BMV office location. In such case, drivers applying for a license renewal in Indiana must present proof of discharge along with any other required documents and fees.

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