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Parking Tickets in Indiana

Drivers can receive Indiana parking tickets for a variety of offenses. Parking citations are often issued for people who park in reserved spaces, such as handicapped spots. Drivers can find themselves with parking violations in instances such as leaving their car parked on the street unattended or for blocking a fire hydrant. The parking authority also issues citations for blocking crosswalks, intersections or driveways. Drivers may also find themselves with parking tickets for stopping or parking in prohibited areas. Motorists may get a parking summons for parking in places such as bridges, highways and tunnels. To pay parking tickets in Indiana, offenders must consider the local municipal laws regarding such violations. Motorists who receive citations have the option to pay them directly through their municipal parking authority or they may file an appeal if they feel the summons was unjust or unwarranted. To learn more about Indiana parking tickets and what to do about them, continue reading below.

Why did I get a parking ticket in Indiana?

You can receive a parking ticket in Indiana for many reasons. Incidents such as leaving a car parked in a reserved space may lead to parking violations, as will parking in a prohibited spot. Leaving your car unattended in an inappropriate area can also lead to a citation. You may find more severe fines for parking violations for parking in spots reserved for handicapped people or veterans, as well as for taking parking spots from other disabled drivers.

How do I pay parking tickets in Indiana?

Paying your parking citations in Indiana is important so that you do not incur further penalties. Most municipalities offer a variety of ways to make payments for citations for parking. Paying your parking summons can take place online through a web payment portal, via telephone or by mail. However, when paying parking tickets, you should not send cash via post. Your local parking authority has the contact information and website portals for payment available. The methods by which you may pay a citation are usually found on the ticket itself, so make sure to keep it when you receive it.

Appealing Parking Tickets in Indiana

The process to appeal a parking ticket may vary among municipalities in Indiana, but you will need to include the citation number and date of issue along with your name, contact number and reason for appeal. The forms for parking ticket appeals also require your car’s license plate number. Once you file an appeal for an IN parking citation, it will show that it is under appeal to delay billing until the appeal is resolved. Decisions on an appeal for a parking ticket are sent to the court via regular mail. All appeals decisions are final and you may not appeal a second time.

Guidelines for the appeals of parking violations may vary from one county to another. However, some guidelines that a municipal parking authority may employ to reach a decision include taking any possible past citation history into account. Whether you displayed your parking permit properly is also a consideration, although having a permit does not guarantee being entitled to a space. As the owner of the vehicle involved in the offense, you are held accountable for parking citations whether or not you were operating the vehicle when the ticket was issued. When appealing your parking citation, there are only two verdicts possible. The first is a granted appeal. When an appeal is granted, the citation is dismissed and you are required to take no further action. The parking authority will send you a written notification of the disposition of the appeal. The second possible outcome is a denial. A denied appeal requires you to pay the full amount of the IN parking ticket by the date provided on your denial notice.

Reasons for which you may successfully appeal an Indiana parking citation include the following:

  • There is clear evidence that you did not commit the offense.
  • There is evidence proving you committed the offense but there were circumstances beyond your control.
  • There is evidence you made an effort to notify the proper authorities of the situation before getting the ticket.
  • There is evidence demonstrating other extenuating circumstances that did not allow you to avoid a citation.

Reasons that will not result in successfully contesting a parking ticket in Indiana include the following:

  • You claimed you did not to see parking signs.
  • You had the wrong permits.
  • You failed to display your permit properly.
  • You had an inability to pay the parking citation.
  • You claimed ignorance of the rules.

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