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Traffic Tickets in Indiana

Indiana traffic tickets may sometimes require recipients to appear in court, while others simply ask the offender to pay a fine. Officers issuing traffic violations will explain what sort of ticket a driver received and what he or she can do about it. In many instances, there is a “pay traffic ticket online” option. However, if motorists decide to contest traffic citations, then they may ask for a court date on which to appear before a judge to exercise their right to do so. Sometimes a traffic ticket may have varying degrees of severity in terms of its impact on driving privileges and the accompanying traffic fines. Many who receive a traffic violation may consider various strategies for fighting traffic ticket charges. Hiring an Indiana traffic lawyer is a wise option when faced with such uncertainties. An attorney has expertise when it comes to decisions on contesting charges. Motorists can find a traffic ticket lawyer here. Below is additional information about using a lawyer to employ a defense or decide on other options.

How Using A Traffic Court Lawyer in Indiana Can Benefit You

An Indiana traffic attorney can prove an invaluable resource when choosing to contest charges. Traffic tickets that require mandatory court appearances make a lawyer especially useful to you. Even when undecided as to whether to fight traffic ticket charges or pay a citation, hiring a lawyer can help you decide upon the best course of action. A well-planned traffic ticket defense in Indiana is advantageous anytime you plan to go to court in the state to contest a ticket. Even when the charges against you are simple and straightforward, going through the traffic court legal system can prove confusing for those without legal experience or assistance. Traffic ticket fines, court fees and various surcharges in Indiana may vary from county to county and from one offense to the next. Hiring an experienced traffic lawyer to establish a competent defense is especially necessary for those with a commercial driver’s license who rely on their ability to drive to provide their livelihood. Find a traffic ticket lawyer here.

Indiana Traffic Ticket Penalties

Various traffic violations have points assigned to them. Traffic offenses can assess up to eight points on a driver’s license and points remain on an Indiana driver’s license for up to two years. Too many traffic ticket offenses resulting in too many points may cause the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to suspend or revoke a driver’s license. Excessive traffic citations in Indiana may also bring increased insurance rates as a consequence. Part of punishment for traffic violations may include the participation and successful completion of a mandatory defensive driving course. In Indiana, the BMV can assign a defensive driving course called the Driver Safety Program (DSP) to those convicted of two violations or more within a 12-month period. Drivers under the age of 21 who receive any traffic citations that result in points, including traffic accidents, are also obliged to attend the DSP. To keep the points of a traffic citation off their driving license record, some offenders may complete a voluntary traffic school course. Those completing the course may also receive a credit of four points off their license. Drivers who are convicted of three major traffic violations or two major offenses which result in death or injury within a 10-year period are deemed habitual traffic violators (HTV). HTVs can have their licenses suspended for up to 10 years. Offenders can easily find a traffic attorney here.

How to Pay Traffic Violations in Indiana

When contemplating how to pay a speeding ticket in Indiana or other citations, using the online option is often the most convenient. Paying traffic tickets online is often the most efficient method, but you should know that not all counties in the state offer it. Indiana provides a portal that you can use to make payments in certain cases. Simply enter your traffic ticket number in the field provided along with your driver’s license number, name and date of birth. The portal will look up your traffic violation and present you with the options for paying a citation online. You may also pay speeding ticket charges and other violations by mail, over the phone or in person. You may check with the relevant Indiana court to confirm the methods of payment permitted for your citations. Failure to choose “pay speeding ticket online” or other charges by other means by the deadline results in an automatic guilty plea and comes with additional penalties. The BMV may also suspend your license until your fines are paid. If you want to learn how to fight traffic ticket charges instead, then your best course of action is to find legal counsel for traffic violations here.

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