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Colleges and Universities in Indana

Indiana offers many excellent colleges for you to consider. All the major degree offerings can be found throughout the state. One unifying factor many Indiana universities share is a passion for sports. The state’s largest universities are well-known nationwide for their college sports teams, especially in football and basketball. Even if sports are not at the top of your priority list, the variety of colleges in Indiana ensures that you will be able to find one that fits exactly what you are looking for. Many of Indiana’s universities offer highly regarded science and technology degrees along with award-winning professors. Many of the community colleges offer fast-track programs designed to get you out into the workforce sooner. Students who attend schools in Indiana can often find classes that offer lower student-to-teacher ratios, which affords students the opportunity to get to know the professor. If you are considering attending a school in Indiana, the following list can help narrow down the choices.

Indiana University- Bloomington

The flagship college of the state, Indiana University- Bloomington, is only one of nine different colleges that make up the Indiana University four-year public university system. The campus at Bloomington is by far the largest, with an undergraduate enrollment of 38,364 students as of 2017. If you are looking for small classes and a sleepy campus, Bloomington is not the college for you. However, Bloomington comes with all the perks of a large state university. There are an endless number of potential majors and student organizations as well as a strong Greek life. The entire student body bonds over the Hoosiers, the name of the school’s sports teams, who are fiercely competitive in the NCAA’s Big Ten Conference. The city of Bloomington itself is also known for its vibrant culture, with many arts displays and other entertainment offered at all times of year.

Purdue University in Indiana

If you are looking for a large university in Indiana besides Bloomington, Purdue University is your best bet. With a main campus located in West Lafayette, Purdue offers similarly incredible resources, sports and alumni. One of the other main draws for a state university like Purdue is the comparatively affordable tuition for undergraduates hailing from Indiana. Combined, tuition and other fees, excluding room and board, come out to $10,002 for in-state students (subject to change). Purdue has a reputation for being a stronger school academically than Bloomington, although this may vary from department to department. Purdue’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics is especially renowned, having educated Neil Armstrong along with many other successful astronauts.

University of Notre Dame in Indiana

The University of Notre Dame is, as a whole, the best college academically in the state of Indiana. U.S. News and World Report lists it as tied for 15th in their annual ranking of the best universities in the country, although the publication divides all of the colleges into different ranking lists based on their respective enrollments and endowments. Notre Dame is a private, Catholicism-affiliated school located in South Bend and only contains 8,462 undergraduates.

Notre Dame is notable for fostering strong social bonds between students without providing Greek life options on campus. As a result, most students choose to live on campus even though they are not required to. Although the yearly costs that come with attending the university may be prohibitive for some, Notre Dame is an excellent school that combines the athletics and social life of a large college with the academics of a smaller liberal arts school. Most students who attend this school have some form of financial aid.

Butler University in Indiana

Another strong private school option in Indiana is Butler University, located in Indianapolis. Its undergraduate population of 4,028 students make it the smallest university listed thus far, making class sizes accordingly manageable. Unlike Notre Dame, Greek life plays a large role in shaping Butler’s social scene, with over a third of its student body participating. However, Butler shares with Notre Dame an immense passion for sports, particularly basketball. The Butler Bulldogs men’s basketball team has performed well in the NCAA Division-1 Basketball Tournament in recent years, making it to the finals in both 2010 and 2011.

Valparaiso University in Indiana

With only 3,179 undergraduates to its name, Valparaiso University is even smaller than Butler, putting it firmly in liberal arts school territory. What Valparaiso lacks in large school resources, it more than makes up for it with intimate class sizes and a strong student-faculty ratio of 12:1. “Valpo” is a private, Lutheran-affiliated school just an hour east of Chicago, Illinois. Its students are often drawn to science and engineering majors, atypical of a school of its size. In terms of social life, Valparaiso offers Greek life options, although alcohol and other substances are not permitted on campus.

Valparaiso’s tuition is comparable to that of Butler and Notre Dame, but the school tends to be more generous with need-based grants and scholarships. Overall, Valparaiso deserves to be considered as part of the upper echelon of Indiana schools, and would make an excellent choice for students hoping to pursue STEM majors in a less crowded setting.

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