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Top Job Search Tools in Indiana

The state of Indiana has put a lot of work into attracting new businesses to the state. As a result, more companies are relocating to Indiana, which means there is an overall increase in employment. Some jobs are from existing businesses moving operations into the state, but there are many job openings created by new entrepreneurs and other small businesses. While having job openings in the state is overall very positive, actually landing a job is still a challenge. The Indiana job market is very competitive, and most openings are only offered for a few days before a large number of job seekers apply for the job. Fortunately, there are several state recommended job seeker programs available in the state through WorkOne. These programs assist with finding careers in Indiana and listing possible educational opportunities. Job search tools are often digital in nature, but Indiana also has many career counseling centers available for students on state campuses. Finding a job in Indiana is often the direct result of a job seeker dedicating his or her time to regularly using these job search tools.

Indiana Career Connect

Indiana Career Connect works alongside both job seekers as well as employers. Employers are able to create an account and post job listings, while job seekers are able to search through an online repository of jobs and upload their resumes directly through the site. Overall, the site is very easy to navigate, with the sections divided into clearly marked categories for job seekers and employers.

In addition to listing jobs, the job seekers section also has two additional sections for career exploration as well as education and training. Career exploration is useful for job seekers who are unsure of what types of work they should apply for with their given skills or degrees. Education and training is very helpful for job seekers that want to expand their skillset to apply for more jobs.

The final section of the website contains information about the labor market in Indiana. Studying labor market data can be helpful for job seekers, since it gives them a general idea of what sort of careers are opening up in the state. If job seekers notice a particular trend, they can focus on expanding their skills for that particular industry.

Job Networking Through the Serve Indiana Program

At first, it might seem like an odd choice for the state to include Serve Indiana on their list of job search tools. Serve Indiana is a program to find volunteer work in the community. Although the work is not paid, volunteering has several benefits for job seekers. For new job seekers, volunteering is a great way to develop workforce skills, which can be placed on a resume. In addition, it also gives the job seeker a chance to build up a list of contacts and referrals, which many interviewers will look for when sorting through resumes. Being active in the community also demonstrates a strong work ethic to potential employers. Volunteering is also a good opportunity for job seekers to develop connections in the community, which may open additional doors when the job seeker applies for work, especially since many volunteer services work alongside large businesses.

Work Indiana

Work Indiana is a program specifically for adults looking to further their education. Work Indiana has several different education programs available. One of the introductory programs is for adults without a high school diploma who need to earn a high school equivalency certificate to make them more employable.

The other programs focus on general career certification. Some of the most popular career certification options for job seekers include advanced manufacturing, construction, health care, information technology, business administration and support, hospitality management and transportation and logistics.

Another benefit of the program is that many of the instructors have contacts with businesses in Indiana. At the very least, the instructor can provide a few career leads for his or her student to follow up on.

Veterans Employment Services in Indiana

Many veterans struggle to find jobs in their civilian lives. The WorkOne veteran service program helps former military members locate work where they can use their military training. Veterans can work directly alongside WorkOne agents, who will help craft a resume and provide direct referrals for job openings in the state. These agents will also help the veteran find other state agencies which can provide them with assistance. WorkOne agents will also inform veterans of all the rights they are entitled to upon returning to their civilian life.

In order to qualify for this program, the veteran must have served for at least 180 days on active duty or have been discharged because of an injury or disability.

Indiana Job Seekers with Disabilities

WorkOne also provides assistance for disabled job seekers. Job seekers with disabilities are entitled to employment assistance, which is very similar to what veterans receive. Job seekers can work with either an individual or work alongside a group of similar job seekers. One of the main services provided by WorkOne agents is informing the disabled job seekers of their rights and making sure that potential employers are not discriminating against them.

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