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Recreational Licenses in Indiana

There are many outdoor activities available in Indiana. Both the terrain and weather open up a wide range of possibilities for different recreational activities, most notably hunting and fishing. In order to enjoy these pastimes, it is important that Indiana residents and visitors have the proper documentation.

Indiana residents need various licenses for different activities. Many of the licenses have specific age requirements and small fees that must be paid. These fees are important, since license and permit fees ultimately go towards preserving the outdoors, enabling residents to continue to enjoy these activities. For activities such as hunting and fishing, the type of license stipulates what types of animals the hunter or fisher is allowed to take and how many. Hunting and fishing in Indiana also has seasonal limits, and those who would like to enjoy the abundant wildlife in the state are expected to abide by the Division of Fish & Wildlife regulations.

Getting Indiana Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are for any individuals who wish to fish in publicly owned water within the state of Indiana. Anyone who owns a body of water, or is fishing at a private location, does not need a fishing license. Both residents and nonresidents can get fishing licenses in Indiana, but nonresidents have to pay slightly more for a license. Indiana seniors have the option of getting a lifetime fishing license.

There are very specific rules for which species an angler can catch. Certain species of fish, such as trout and salmon, require additional permission to take. Anglers fishing for trout and/or salmon must have specific stamps for each species. Fishers can apply for these stamps when getting a fishing license. The stamps are added onto the general license.

Both the general fishing license and the fishing stamps have limitations on how many fish the license holder can take, usually on any given day. It is very important to follow these limitations, since the regulations are put in place to prevent overfishing, which would damage future fish populations. In addition, most public fishing spots have the information available on signs or pamphlets.

Fishing licenses are available online. Fishers can also obtain a license in person at many sporting goods stores and hunting stores within the state. In addition, Indiana offers a combination hunting and fishing license for residents that are interested in both activities.

Something else anglers in Indiana should look for is free fishing days. Typically, there is a weekend every year where anglers can fish without a license. Fishermen and women still have to follow the normal regulations regarding type of fish and limits during these days. Free fishing days change from year to year, but typically it is early in the season, since it serves as a way to entice potential sportspeople to purchase a license.

Hunting Licenses in Indiana

Getting a hunting license is a little more involved than getting a fishing license. Similar to fishing licenses, there are limitations on which animals can be hunted, as well as how many animals can be harvested. Certain species of animals, such as turkey and deer, require hunting stamps in addition to the regular license. Compared to fishing licenses, there are many more hunting tags that are required in Indiana. There are also specific hunting tags for different seasons as well.

Additional licenses are available based on age. Anyone who is younger than 17 years of age must apply for a youth hunting license. Anyone over the age of 18 will apply for a normal hunting license. One of the safety requirements which applies to both types of license holders is that hunters are required to wear orange outerwear, typically a vest or a jacket. The bright orange makes hunters visible in an area and greatly reduces the chance of possible hunting accidents. Hunters that are born after December 31, 1986 are required to take and pass a hunter’s education class in order to buy a hunting license. This requirement is in force for residents and visitors.

Purchasing Hunting and Fishing Licenses in Indiana

Residents and visitors to Indiana can purchase their licenses in a variety of ways. The easiest way to purchase a license is to do so online. However, a separate email address is required for each license purchaser who is over the age of 18. The same account can be used to purchase licenses for children, however. Initial DAV licenses cannot be purchased online but must be done in person. In the state of Indiana, Social Security Numbers are now collected and must be provided in order to obtain a fishing or hunting license. Licenses may also be purchased in person through recognized vendors in the state. Most vendors are located wherever sporting goods are sold and in many bait shops in Indiana. Once licenses are purchased they cannot be transferred to another individual.

Special Hunting and Fishing Licenses in Indiana

Indiana residents who are disabled military veterans can obtain their licenses for a greatly reduced price. Stamps are not included on the license and must be purchased separately. Any hunter or angler who is disabled can also receive a special license. A physician’s statement may be required.

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