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Driving Records in Indiana

An Indiana driving record contains personal information about licensed motorists in the state. For instance, a driving record includes information pertaining to current and past moving violations, traffic citations or any court-ordered license suspensions under a motorist’s name. A DMV driving record also includes information pertaining to any applicable driver license reinstatement fees and requirements. For this reason, it is important to check driving record information after receiving a license suspension, cancellation or revocation, as motorists may need to pay a fee and meet certain requirements before reinstating their driver credentials. Furthermore, two types of drivers record credentials are available to Indiana residents. These IN driving records include certified or unofficial reports. As such, residents may obtain a copy of driving record credentials online at no charge if they wish to obtain an unofficial report. Alternately, customers may obtain a certified DMV driving history online or by mail. To learn more about obtaining a personal driving record in IN, review the information below.

What types of Indiana driver records are available?

A driving record in Indiana is available as two different types. These DMV driving records include certified or unofficial reports. An official driver record (or an ODR) contains a letter of certification and is available online through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) or by mail. These driving reports are available to employers, school admission offices, attorneys, insurance companies and other similar entities. Additionally, an unofficial personal driving history is available to motorists who wish to view their own driver information at no charge. These viewable DMV driver records (or VDRs) are available online and do not require payment.

What information is on your DMV driving record in Indiana?

After completing a DMV record search in Indiana, applicants can obtain a great deal of information about licensed motorists in the state. For instance, a driving record includes information about any current or past moving violations, as well as the details of any applicable citations or driver license suspensions under a subject’s name. Additionally, personal IN driving records contain the following information:

  • Information about the subject of the report, including his or her full name, street address, gender and birth date
  • The subject’s current driver license status, such as cancelled, invalid (or revoked), suspended or valid
  • A physical description of the subject, including his or her height, weight, organ donor information, eye and hair color
  • Driving license information, including the subject’s current number of driver record violation points, credential number, licensure type, expiration date and Social Security Number
  • A list of any current or pending driving restrictions, if applicable
  • Commercial driver license information, if applicable
  • Driver license reinstatement requirements, if applicable
  • Insurance requirements (such as SR22)

While a DMV driving history does contain personal information about the subject of the report, it is important to remember that certain details are only available to authorized requestors. For instance, a personal driving report in Indiana will only include the subject’s Social Security Number, driver license number or mailing address if the requestor receives prior authorization to view the record.

Furthermore, if motorists check IN driving records and find incorrect information on the report, then it is important to notify the BMV as soon as possible. To report DMV drivers record errors (also known as submitting a material error request), motorists may submit a report online or by mail. When making changes to driving records online, applicants must provide their full name, date of birth, phone number, mailing address, the last four digits of their driver license number and a description of their request, along with any applicable attachments. To report an Indiana driving record error by mail, motorists must send a written request to the BMV Hearings Division.

What information is not included in your Indiana drivers record?

While an Indiana driver record contains important information about the driving history of a licensed motorist in the state, a personal DMV history does not include vehicle information. Rather than obtaining a DMV driving record, a motorist must perform a VIN check if he or she wishes to obtain information about a registered motor vehicle. Furthermore, DMV record searches do not include information about criminal charges, unless the conviction is vehicle-related.

How to Get a Copy of a Driving Record in Indiana

When learning how to check your driving record, you must first decide on whether you wish to obtain a certified or unofficial credential. Additionally, the specific process of checking your driving record varies depending on whether you can provide your driver license number or not. If you need to order a copy of your IN driving record but do not know your driver license number, then you may only submit your request by mail. To learn more about how to get a copy of your driving record in Indiana, review the sections below.


Certified or unofficial driving records are available online through the BMV’s website. If motorists wish to obtain certified driving records online, then they must pay a nominal fee to do so. However, unofficial DMV driving records are available at no charge. Before checking driving record information, however, all customers must create a myBMV account by providing their driver license number, zip code and the last four digits of their Social Security Number. If checking an Indiana driving record as a company, then applicants must provide a company/trust user ID and the last four digits of their federal ID number.

By Mail

If applicants need to obtain a personal driving record but do not know their driver license number, then they must submit a request by mail. To order an Indiana driving record by mail, applicants must complete a Request for Certified Records and mail it to the BMV Record Request department in Indianapolis. When obtaining a driver record by mail, customers must also include payment in the form of a money order, cashier’s check or business check. After submitting the DMV driving history request, it may take the BMV up to four weeks to process the application. To order an IN drivers record by mail, customers must submit their application to the following address:

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Attn: Records Request

100 N. Senate Ave., Rm N412

Indianapolis, IN 46204

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