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How to Replace a Car Registration in Indiana

Replacing lost car registration in Indiana is essential for car owners wishing to legally operate their vehicles. To request a copy of car registration, car owners may utilize an online Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) service and provide all necessary information to complete the request. Car owners are encouraged to replace car registration when their certificates have been damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed. The BMV will deliver a duplicate car registration to eligible car owners following the approval of the request. Find out how to replace car registration in Indiana and why it is important.

Options for Replacing Car Registration in Indiana

The IN BMV offers various options to drivers for replacing car registration at their convenience. Drivers should ensure they order a car registration copy if their registration stickers, license plates or registration certificates become illegible in any way. Additionally, they should report stolen or lost car registration to the BMV as soon as possible to prevent fraud and to aid in the recovery of the registration documents or license plates. Since lost car registration in Indiana can restrict a resident’s ability to drive his or her vehicle and renew the registration, drivers should also apply for a replacement immediately using one of the methods outlined below.

Replacing Online

To replace car registration online, applying car owners must have access to a printer with which they may print a duplicate. Car owners will also need to present their drivers license number (if applicable) and pertinent car information, such as the license plate number and vehicle identification number, to allow the online system to locate the vehicle in question. To request the replacement car registration online, applicants must submit a standard payment as well in the form of a credit or debit card.

Replacing in Person

To replace a stolen, damaged or lost car registration in person at a local BMV office, drivers must bring a completed application for a duplicate license plate or registration. This form is available online or at any IN BMV office. On the application, drivers must select the appropriate box indicating the reason a duplicate registration is being requested (i.e., if it was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed). Additionally, the application prompts drivers to choose whether they would like new plate numbers or to keep the original plate numbers. Applicants must complete all information within section two of the car registration replacement form for every request, but they should only complete section one if they have reported their registration as stolen. The process of replacing car registration in Indiana at a BMV office also requires applicants to present identifying information, such as their driver’s licenses or state IDs. A DMV copy of registration is mailed to drivers once their applications have been approved and the replacement fee has been paid.

Replacing by Phone

If car owners have not received a copy of car registration or license plates after applying online or in person, then they may contact their local BMV office by phone to expedite the replacement process. However, when replacing car registration, applicants cannot make the initial request by phone. If the DMV lost registration information or failed to replace it in a timely manner, then claimants can call the BMV at the following number: (888) 692-6841.

Note: Drivers may choose to replace car registration and license plates separately in IN.

When to Replace Car Registration in Indiana

Car owners should replace lost car registration as soon as possible in IN to limit potential risks involved with not having valid registration. Car owners should also replace car registration that has been damaged or destroyed to ensure that their registration cards, stickers and license plates are readable and correct. Applicants must request a DMV registration copy to satisfy state registration requirements. Motorists do not have to return damaged or destroyed license plates to the IN BMV, but they must return all registration certificates and license plates in possession and in decent condition. Once a car registration replacement has been received, all old plates and registration documents become invalid. Not only does the car registration replacement process protect car owners from penalties of invalid registration, but it may also help protect car owners from identity theft.

Importance of Filing a Police Report When Indiana Car Registration is Lost or Stolen

If car owners need to replace car registration in Indiana because it has been stolen, then they should contact the local police department to file a police report. Obtaining a copy of a car registration is only the first step for car owners whose registration has been stolen. Although the duplicate vehicle registration will negate all other registration cards and license plates, drivers should file a formal police report to facilitate the recovery of the registration documents or plates and remove them from circulation to prevent others from using the registration for their own purposes.

Since car registration documents contain personal information, thieves may use the information to hack credit card information and steal identities. Car owners should take care not to lose car registration documents, including cards, stickers and license plates, and should regularly check whether the documents are still in their possession or not. As soon as car owners realize their registration has been stolen, they should replace car registration and formally report the incident to local law enforcement officers, so they are less susceptible to identity theft and other issues associated with stolen registration.

Consequences of not Replacing Car Registration in Indiana

The consequences involved in failing to order a copy of car registration when a registration is no longer usable vary depending on factors such as the number of extra offenses with which car owners are charged. When drivers are stopped for committing a traffic violation, law enforcement officers will demand to verify their registration. If drivers do not maintain and replace car registration in Indiana when required, then they may face fines and penalties due to insufficient registration. Since there is no grace period in the state, law enforcement officers may fine drivers without registration at any time.

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