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How to Replace a Lost or Stolen Car Title in Indiana

You will need to replace car title documents in Indiana in the event that they become lost or illegible. Replacing your lost car title is a good idea, but you may not be familiar with why that is the case. Driving a car legally comes with a number of responsibilities, and making sure that you and your vehicle are properly documented is crucial to meeting those responsibilities. While it is important to update your driver’s license, car registration, auto insurance and more, one of the most essential documents to be aware of is your vehicle’s title.

Because the title is the document that proves who owns that vehicle in the eyes of the law, a damaged or lost title can be a problem if there is a dispute about the ownership of the vehicle. Likewise, residents should get a BMV title replacement if there have been changes, as keeping it uptodate is necessary as well. When you have a lost titlein Indiana, it can be challenging to know what you should do. Luckily, the Indiana state government has many resources that are available to residents in order to help ensure that their vehicles are covered in nearly every situation. The below information will help you to understand the process of getting a new car title as a replacement to your original.

What is a BMVtitle replacement in Indiana?

In America, thecar title replacementprocess requires state government action in order to provide a duplicate of the original title to a vehicle owner if that original is damaged or lost. Each state has a Department or Bureau of Motor Vehicles (DMV/BMV) that regulates drivers within their borders, and Indiana is no exception. Residents can file for lost title replacements through the Indiana BMV.Residents can also fulfill many of their vehicle documentation obligations, like registration.

When you file for a BMVlost title replacement, you are requesting a duplicate from the records that the state has. This copy of car title originals is different from a standard title request, as it is not generating any new information and it also covers different circumstances than what occurs after a title repossession. You may only apply for this kind of duplicate car titleif you are the current owner of a vehicle title and if you have not lost ownership of your vehicle to lenders or lienholders.

Why should I replace my lost car title in Indiana?

You might replace a car title in Indiana for many reasons, depending on the state of your vehicle’s original title. Keeping your car’s title completely safe and secure is sometimes easier said than done, and it is a somewhat common occurrence for Indiana drivers to need to get a replacement. Some of the most common reasons for this replacement process include the following:

  • Misplacing your original title
  • Damaging or destroying your original title
  • Having your original title stolen
  • Something occurring to make your original title ineligible

Getting a copy of a car title can be a simple solution to these problems and should not be viewed as a daunting event. By following detailed instructions, obtaining a copy of a damaged or lost vehicle title can be fast and easy, and it is also a necessity in order to legally prove your ownership of your vehicle. Keeping uptodate with the exact status of your vehicle can be incredibly useful for the future, as your title shows your vehicle’s accident history, which will determine for how much money you will be able to sell it.

Items to Prepare for Your Indiana Car Title Replacement Application

Many residents often wonder, “If I have lost my car title, what do I need to provide to the Indiana BMV?”Getting your replacement titlecan be simple, as long as you are able to provide the Indiana BMV with a few different pieces of information.While some of this information is similar to what you will have already prepared for your original title application, there are also some differences that duplicate titles require. To get the most out of your title replacement, you should prepare the following:

  • Your personal information, which includes your name, address and Social Security Number
  • Your vehicle information, including the make, model, year, vehicle identification number and more
  • A photo identification proving your identity, which can be a driver’s license, work ID card, school ID card, passport, military card or another such form of identification

An IN car title replacement application will generally be processed much more quickly if all of this information is prepared ahead of time. Your local Indiana BMV office will inform you if there are any other documents or pieces of information that they need for your duplicate application. Additionally, there is often a varied replacement titlecost associated with getting this kind of document, which can be sent and paid to the Indiana BMV alongside your application form.

What Happens After You File for a Lost Title in Indiana

After preparing for your lost vehicle title replacement application, the next step is to actually submit the application. The Indiana BMV has allowed for this to be done in many ways, to provide the most convenient experience possible for interested applicants. You can apply for a replacement title in Indiana by:

  • Using the IN BMV website.
  • Visiting your local BMV office and using their desk assistance or self-service kiosk.
  • Utilizing your nearest BMV full or partial service provider, which is a private company that is sanctioned to perform certain BMV operations.
  • Sending your completed application to the BMV via mail.

You may also choose to have your title processing expedited for an additional fee. After your title has been processed, you will receive your replacement title in the mail and you will then be able to utilize this duplicate copy as necessary. If after receiving your duplicate vehicle title you are to find your missing original title, then that original document should be destroyed in order to prevent anyone from potentially committing fraud while attempting to sell your vehicle. Getting such a replacement document can be incredibly convenient, but it can also be a big responsibility as your new official title of vehicle ownership.

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